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Florida Gulf Coast Cluster 2018

Call us at 352-232-9591 for more information.

  • January 11 - 15 and 17 - 21, 2018 are All Breed Dog Shows. All AKC recognized breeds will be shown if they are entered
  • Vendor Chair: Dan Dahlberg, (941-232-9482)
  • Food Vendor Chair: Mary Stolz (813-215-3580)
  • Camping Chair: Dan Stolz (813-928-2022) or Mary Stolz (813-215-3580)
  • Camping reservation form tab above
  • Reserved Parking: Joe Napolitano (813-949-5762)
  • Doggie Fun Zone will be there January 11 - 15 and January 17 -21.
  • CAT will be run daily. This is a type of lure coursing that almost all dogs enjoy. You can enter the same day you come with your dog.
  • We will be having Dock Diving demos. Call or check back for a schedule
  • Flyball will have demonstrations on the weekends.

Spectators are encouraged to bring a travel chair or folding chair to the event, for your comfort and convenience.

Cluster information - Mary Stolz 813-215-3580